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The Performing Mindâ„¢ Seminar

An entertaining, inspirational, and professional seminar for people who want practical ways to become high-level performers with sharp mental discipline, powerful self motivation, and develop an effective process for your craft.

Great performers are paid well for consistently achieving a very high average of excellence. How? it can't only be hard work; many people struggle for years with little success. It can't just be connections; you have to be able to deliver high quality performances. Maybe it's luck? Oprah says, "Luck is a matter of opportunity and being prepared. If you ain't prepared, you ain't lucky."

Partial Outline

Hardware: The Brain

Limbic System
Memory and Meaning
Self Image: So WHAT?!

Five Stages of Performing

    Defining your destiny
    Creating your toolkit
    Seeing your future
    Setting objectives
    Matching your skills to your goals
    How to accept your responsibility
    Incredibly effective practice techniques
    Care and feeding of the self image
    Using your imagination
    How your brain puts it all together,
        and how to help
    Avoiding analysis paralysis
    Staying centered in the moment
    Handling disasters
    Managing stage fright
    Validating your objectives
    Gathering the important information
    Why failure is not losing and success is not winning


Thriving in auditions and competitions
Working with managers and staff
Preparing yourself and your team for a big change

Wrap Ups

So now what?

Comments from seminar participants

  • "I have a couple of harp parts coming up this season that have legendary reputations among harpists. I have used the principles over and over, and... performing is much more enjoyable. The first time I was an orchestral soloist, the technique... allowed me to approach the performance without feeling nervous. I was excited, but not nervous. In the performances, I got everything I [wanted], plus a bouquet of flowers. I have also included [your ideas] in my teaching." - Professional harpist and teacher, Seattle, in a recent email after having taken the seminar many years ago.
  • Evaluation after a school district in-service session: "Instructor is extremely vibrant and interesting. well organized and exemplified his area of instruction. He is a living example of applying the principles of the course." And one participant said, "My students were very excited about setting goals for themselves."
  • After her first recital since the seminar: "...just as I had always imagined performing should be. It was a blast!" - Member, American Guild of Organists, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • "People already involved in the theatre may feel they don't need this sort of training, but we all need it badly!" - Professional Actor/Dancer, Seattle.
  • "I attended out of curiosity with the idea of leaving in an hour or so, but was held spellbound from beginning to end." - University professor, Northridge, California.
  • "Exciting and applicable to everyone" - Nurse and singer, Seattle.

The seminar content is best suited to active peformers, both professional and amateur, teachers, conductors, performance coaches, and college & university students. Advanced and dedicated high school students can also benefit. Also see the Five Stages of Performing.

The instructor is Michael Kysar. For details on Michael, see his Biography.

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