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Performing is executing your craft for an audience, whether your craft is music, acting, athletics, or business.

Nobody is a perfect performer, but the great ones tend to be paid well because they tend to deliver high quality performances. With the information, techniques, and tools from The Performing Mindâ„¢ Seminar, you can build your ability to use the Five Stages of Performing and begin to joyfully explore and fulfill your potential.

Although modern society is wise to foster talent on as wide a scale as possible, no society can promise every talented individual the opportunity to earn a living in the exercise of his or her talent.

John William Gardner, U.S. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare under Pres. Lyndon Johnson

Having a meeting of music teachers? Michael would love to explain why although the teacher determines what is taught, it is invariably the student who determines what is learned, no matter what philosophy or methods are employed by the teacher or the parents. Then we can discuss ways to help students successfully fulfill their responsibility with the help of teachers, parents, and their community.

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