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Go Ahead, Try Not to Do Something

To modify the direction of our lives, our executive mind sets goals. Then our more primitive and subconscious inner brain motivates us to achieve them. This inner brain is sometimes called the “lizard” brain because it is a brain structure also found in more primitive animals. It … Continue reading

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Madness or a Moment of Clarity?

In “The Marriage of Figaro”, the Count sends an adolescent page boy, Cherubino, off to military service because he is a horny little toad. The Count has caught him attempting to canoodle with every woman in the palace, including his wife, … Continue reading

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‘Nozze di Figaro’ is Alive and Well

This opera almost never disappoints. It isn’t that it is never performed by people who don’t know what they are doing, but it provides such a marvelous opportunity that it tends to draw some good performers, and in this Bellevue City … Continue reading

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