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Christmas at Grandmother’s Farm

Grandmother was a sweet little lady with polite and elegant language — sometimes. She could also swear like a sailor, and since this story is true, the language might be too colorful for some readers. I squished my way up … Continue reading

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An Outlaw Visits the Ranch

She stood on the edge of a Montana butte with her horse at her side. From there, the teenager could see the colors of the far off sunset just beginning to sweep across what had to be the biggest sky in the world. This butte … Continue reading

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Ptomaine Joe’s Invitation

My grandmother, Jessie Barrere, (that’s her on top of the piano) bought a little one-room bar with a bunch of land in the southern Bitterroot Valley, near Darby, Montana. It was about 1945, and she named it “Ptomaine Joe’s Bar.” Over the next two … Continue reading

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Ptomaine Joe Vanished on Halloween

The legend of Ptomaine Joe was still alive in 2008. We learned that when we asked about her at the museum in Hamilton, Montana. Whenever I said she was my grandmother, the response was always, “Really?!” They told us her lodge was still … Continue reading

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Bob Webb: My Mentor in the Family

Robert Paul Webb II was my sister’s husband, and he and their family spent several wonderful summers with us when I was a kid. He was a teacher and assistant principal in Oklahoma, and also a bit of an academic nerd, which I found … Continue reading

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